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Teacher Empowerment

Universal Academy learning System encourages teachers to be facilitators who can create a favorable environment to facilitate the learning of children which bring Universal Academy in top 5 school in Dehradun.. Through various training workshop teachers develop a complete understanding of teaching methods, technology & psychology of children. They are then able to impart quality education while being fully aware of the background of the children.

Teacher empowerment is a process that engages teachers in taking ownership and action in their own growth and problem-solving capability. 

Tools That Empower Teacher

  1. Smart Classroom training on innovative teaching to create fun-filled learning environment.

  2. Online training on innovative strategies to promote collaborative learning and develop student skills

  3. Self – learning tools in the form of WYRA and detailed and innovative lesson plans.

  4. Buddy Teacher system of learning ( Cooperative Learning).

There are altogether six dimensions of teacher-empowerment  and these are:

1. Decision-making,

2. Professional growth,

3. Status,

4. Self-efficacy,

5. Autonomy, and

6. Impact.

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