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School In Dehradun

Learning Initiatives


School in Dehradun With a Unique teaching approach that uses a variety of instructional methods and innovative resources, woven around the NCERT syllabus. Skill-based collaborative activities enable the student to understand and engage with the world around them and not merely rote learn. We provide excellent student-teacher ratios and teams of highly committed teachers who are dedicated to maximizing student potential. Educators are grouped according to Faculties that work across curricula and integrate their teaching learning process.

Well-Designed Learning Approach

School In Dehradun


Sustainable Learning

The Sustainable Life Skills Learning System is implemented in middle school, where students engage in industry-based projects to develop skills and become entrepreneurs. The system enhances their thinking, social, and emotional skills through research and exposure to various industries

library in Universal Academy

Thematic Approach

Universal Academy's curriculum prioritizes joyful and meaningful learning through a thematic approach that goes beyond books and classrooms. Each learning stage is systematically planned with the student in mind, making it a holistic and student-centered process.

Smart class in universal Academy

Scaffolding Initiatives

Universal Academy school in Dehradun uses the Scaffolding Learning System for Pre-primary and Primary classes. It teaches concepts through fun activities, provides timely intervention, and ensures no child lags behind. Detailed lesson plans guide teachers.

Teaching in Kindergarten
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