best nursery school in dehradun

Universal Academy is the best nursery school in dehradun. Kindergarten provides your child with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills that he will use throughout his schooling.At universal academy, the KGcurriculum ensures smooth transition to formal schooling with meaningful and progressive learning experiences.  Special care and arrangements are made to create a ‘homely atmosphere’ in the new surroundings. ​

Our Other Facilities


Universal Academy  has developed a unique activity room for the pre-primary and primary kids. This room is adequately equipped with modern toys, toy cycles, different type of games and play houses.

best nursery school in dehradun

Best Nursery School In Dehradun


School playgrounds are in a unique position to meet kids where they are, helping them become smarter, healthier and stronger through play. Studies show that outdoor physical activity not only benefits a child’s health but improves classroom performance, increases cognitive development and hones social skills.


Our school promotes new avenues for the all-round development of the students. An important and critical feature of our school’s facilities is the auditorium. As a central and vital space, our school is indeed fortunate to have such a splendid auditorium. The state-of-the-art sound system ensures that each word is clearly audible to the audience seated in the hall.
  • Noise cancelling acoustics allow the performance on stage to be highlighted.
  • The all season air-conditioning system adds comfort and convenience to the auditorium’s ambience.
  • To ensure that there are no external disturbances, the auditorium is sound proof.
  • Latest technology is used for the light, sound and projection systems.
  • All the major functions like various competitions and  Workshops are held in this auditorium which gives  exposure to the students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues.